Your Divine Within You – Sufism in India

Post was created on November 3rd, 2012

Sufism is generally known as the mystical aspect of Islam, and is established in many countries from Africa to Central Asia and the west.

My 55mins radio documentary for ABC Radio National, Your Divine is Within You, show how contemporary Sufism in India – known for its tolerance and fluidity – is facing new forces and tensions.

These shifts include the absorption of Sufism into new age movements, differing ideas around the use of electronic media, and the incorporation of Sufi music into new arenas such as Bollywood films, music festivals and nightclubs – shifts which have upset the purists.



The documentary examines these movements, and the reaction of the more radical or orthodox strands of Islam in India to contemporary Sufi practices.

Listen to radio documentary Your Divine is Within You on ABC Radio National.

Photos taken at Nizamuddin dargah (shrine) with permission from clerics.

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