Letting off pressure through Blow Up

Post was created on May 29th, 2011


In India, protests are often dramatic and reach a ‘high point’ when public property is destroyed. A new initiative called Blow Up which offers a highly visual non-destructive way for protesters to vent their anger and still get media coverage. It was started by advertising exec Emmanuel Upputuru and photographer brothers Hemant & Dushyant Mehta – who were sick of the devastation of beautiful buildings that they had witnessed in their home state of Kashmir.


Listen to my ABC Radio National piece here:

 Watch video of Blow Up here:

One Response to "Letting off pressure through Blow Up"

  1. Luke Alexander says:

    What a great campaign. using mult-media platforms, key influencers and PR to address a real and dangerous issue. Love to see this in Australia but doubt it would get through local health and safety laws!